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Kids Pick Up App is a complete
student dismissal digital system
consisting of the administrator
dashboard, and mobile phone
app for the school administrators
to manage the student pick up.

What you get?

The Most Sensible, Safe, and Secure way to 'Pick Up'

We provide complete digital system using QR code technology to assist schools with the student pick up process. In essence, Kids Pick Up App allows for a fast, efficient, and safe way for parents to pick up their students after school. Kids Pick Up app is designed with an aim of saving time for teachers and connecting the right kid to their parent for pick up.

So how does

Kids Pick Up App work?

Step 1

All students will have a system generated personal QR code given to their parent on a name tag. The parent will use the name tag with the QR code in order to pick up their student.

Step 2

While staying in the car, the parent will show the name tag with QR code to a teacher, who will scan it using the Kids Pick Up App. Batches of students are scanned at once by teachers and sent over to the school dismissal manager app.

Step 3

Administrator dashboard will display the student’s name in sequential order on a computer/tablet display shown to the classroom/assembly area, where the students are waiting.

Step 4

The homeroom teacher will dismiss the students as their names appear on the administrator dashboard. Before the students leaves towards the cars, teacher will mark the students as released and make sure they are entering the correct vehicle.

Some of our Partner Schools

We take pride in partnering with forward-thinking schools who are implementing a technology-based approach to manage the student dismissal process. Our partner schools now have efficient dismissals, and can make the best use of their limited resources. It also provides parents a convenient tool that gives them peace of mind to pick up their kids.

Crow Leadership Academy
Cherry Elementary School
D. P. Morris Elementary School
Garcia Middle School
James C. Neill Elementary
Linnie Roberts Elementary School
Louise Cabaniss Academy
The Oakridge School
Anne McCormick Sullivan Elementary
Tenie Holmes Elementary School
Blessing Elementary School
Van Vleck Elementary Logo
Crow Leadership Academy
Blessing Elementary School
Cherry Elementary School


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How to Register

Secured Access Only
Easily manage student pick up records
Time-efficient with QR Code

We use QR code technology

Kids Pick Up App leverages QR code technology to match the right kids to the right pick up, giving administrators a real-time dismissal tracking dashboard

Kids Pick Up App is designed with an aim to save time for both teachers and parents.
● Kids Pick Up mobile app for school dismissal offers secure and safe pick up.
● All data within Kids Pick Up App is secured with access to only authorized users.
● The school pick up process becomes simple to implement and works with existing process.
● Solution is very reliable and works flawlessly.
● Implementation cost is reasonable and affordable for schools.
● Kids Pick Up App is scalable and aims to serve more schools and school districts.

Kids Pick Up App is an application that offers streamline dismissal process with ease and realiability for school administrator

Available on iOS and Android

Teachers managing the car rider lanes will remain safe as they only use the mobile app to scan QR code and will not come in contact with parents and any paper tags.
System will ensure students are released safely only to their authorized guardians who carry the school issued QR code for the pick-up.
All teachers and students will be wearing masks as they come outside, limiting the transmission/catching of the virus to others.

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Parents, if you have any questions please contact your school administration office.
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