Coronavirus pandemic has made everything difficult. And the world after this global pandemic will be a different place to live in. Many things will get back to the normal routine while many will adapt to the new normal routine. Kids Pick Up App, an innovative mobile app for school dismissal has been designed keeping the current scenario as well as the upcoming scenarios in mind. We are working our best to do what we can do to help parents, kids and schools cooperate with social distancing guidelines and other preventative measures. 

What is the goal behind designing a Kids Pick Up App?

  • Kids Pick Up App has been designed with the aim to save time for both teachers and parents.
  • It is a mobile app for school dismissal that also offers secure and safe pick up.
  • All data within our app remains secured with access to only authorized users.
  • The school pick up process becomes simple to implement and works with existing process.
  • The app is extremely reliable and works flawlessly.
  • Implementation cost is reasonable and affordable for schools.
  • Kids Pick Up App is scalable and we are aiming to serve more schools and school districts.

How Our Mobile App for School Dismissal – Kids Pick Up App can be used during COVID-19?

  • Teachers who manage the car rider lanes will remain safe as they only use the mobile app to scan QR code and will not come in contact with parents and any paper tags.
  • The system will ensure students are released safely only to their authorized guardians who carry the school-issued QR code for the pick-up.
  • All teachers and students will be wearing masks as they come outside, limiting the transmission/catching of the virus to others.

What else can be improved with our mobile app for school dismissal?

  • Reduce pick up time for Parents

Our mobile app for school dismissal will enable you to effectively manage the dismissal process and reduce pick up time for parents by matching the right kid to the right pick up. 

  • Efficient Management of Drop off and School Dismissal

With Kids Pick Up App drop off and dismissal can be managed efficiently with the minimal person to person interaction.

  • Minimizing Large Group Gatherings

By using our mobile app for school dismissal one can keep groups of students away from interacting with each other and practice social distancing, particularly during dismissal times. School administration can keep each class in their classroom and dismiss them only when their parents or guardians arrive.

So make the best use of our innovative app and make school dismissals amidst COVID-19 safer and hassle-free. For more details contact us now!