Imagine your school office without ringing the phone continuously or imagine the car line flowing smoothly.

No more juggling calls, emails, text messages, and notes to dismiss students. With the school dismissal app, teachers can teach and parents can be ensured that they have minimum waiting time while they pick up their kids.

We began with student safety in mind and combined it with using the latest QR code technology to ensure that schools have a safe and secure dismissal process. 

So How Does Kids Pick Up App Works?

Student pick-up app – Make pick-ups smoother for administrators, parents, and students with powerful school dismissal software. The app organizes and streamlines the complete pick-up process and makes things faster, easier for everyone involved. Simplify how your students are dismissed.

Step 1: There will be a system-generated personal QR code for every student. This will be given to the respective parents on a name tag. The parents will use this QR code on a name tag to pick up their children.

Step 2: The parents need to show the name tag with a QR code to a teacher upon entering their vehicle. The teacher will then scan this using the Kids Pick Up App. Teachers scan a batch of students at once and send them over to the school dismissal manager app.

Step 3: The administrator dashboard will then display the student’s name in sequential order on a tablet/computer. This will get displayed to the classroom/assemble area, where the students will be waiting.

Step 4: The homeroom teacher will then dismiss the students as per the names appearing on the administrator dashboard. Before any particular student leave toward the car, the teacher will mark him/her as released and ensure they are entering the correct vehicle.

Elements Of Our Safety Platform

So what exactly are you getting? Kids Pick Up App includes an administration dashboard and a mobile phone app for school administrators to manage the student pick up and dismissal order.

Our app allows for a safe, efficient, and quick way for parents to pick up their children after school. The app is designed with the aim to save time for teachers and connect the right kid to their parent for pick up.

Safety Protocols During COVID-19

Teachers are using the mobile app to scan QR codes for managing the car rider lanes and will not come in contact with parents and any paper tags. The system will ensure that students are released safely only to their authorized guardian carrying the school-issued QR code for the pick-up.

Kids Pick Up App is an all-inclusive school dismissal app that increases safety and reduces pick-up time. We give you the tools to make sure your students are safe and parents are happy. Visit us to see how we can make your school more efficient and safe.