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Implementation Cost

Annual cost includes annual usage license, administration dashboard access, up to 1000 students, all features of the mobile app and the future updates, our implementation also includes year-round customer support. Please contact us to discuss the implementation cost for your school campus.

Time for Implementation

Kids Pick Up App is very simple and quick to implement. Once you register and account you start with entering your school campus information on the administrator dashboard. You select the number of dismissal lanes you want to manage. There is an option to upload…

Why Us?

Easily manage students pick up records. Less teachers required to manage pick-up lines. Time-efficient and practical during social distancing. Lessens school’s liability of students.

School Dismissal Manager App

School Dismissal App is a safe and secure way system to assist schools in the student dismissal process after school. Taking student’s safety into account, our secure school dismissal app allows a fast and safe way for guardians to pick up their kids after school….

Get Smart Solutions with Technology

The good news is that technology exists to solve the chaos-inducing problem for schools. Wise applications of technology allow schools to focus on their true mission of providing excellent educational opportunities. By implementing a technology-based approach to manage the student dismissal process, schools can make…